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In a digital globalized business world companies require expertise that goes beyond national borders. Wittmann Legal Services provides solid foundations in all required areas to aide your company to safety.

Amy Wittmann, Wittman Legal Services

Attorney at Law, actively practicing under Illinois law,

Solicitor of England and Wales, Solicitor or Ireland,

Admitted to the Munich Bar Association (Rechtsanwaltskammer) and authorized to practice German law and the Law of EU Member States

About WLS

Worldwide legal services since 2018

Amy Wittmann, founder of Wittmann Legal Services, brings a wealth of expertise in the intersection of law and technology. Specializing in the data economy, Amy focuses on providing legal guidance in areas such as cloud computing, data protection, and AI. Her proficiency extends to advising clients on digitalization projects, including the automation of business processes, IT projects, and IT outsourcing. With a keen understanding of software licensing law, including open source software, Amy is a trusted advisor to multinational corporations, medium-sized companies, and startups. Amy also has extensive knowledge of U.S. Government Contracting and the Federal Acquisition Regulation through her work as both a Judge Advocate General (JAG) and Civilian Lawyer with the United States Army and Department of Defense.

Boasting extensive experience in the industry sector as well as in leading international law firms, Amy has served as a Lawyer/ senior legal counsel/ and Head of Legal Departments at prominent IT, telecommunication, software, and internet companies in Germany and the United States. Admitted to the Munich Bar since 2008, she also holds qualifications as an Attorney at Law in the State of Illinois since 1995, a Solicitor for England and Wales since 2009, and a Solicitor of Ireland since 2021. As a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and OSE e.V. (Organisation Software Escrow), Amy Wittmann is committed to staying at the forefront of legal developments in the dynamic field of data protection.

Since 2018, Wittmann Legal Services has been at the forefront of delivering worldwide legal services in data protection and privacy. By choosing Wittmann Legal Services, companies can benefit from engaging an international law firm without incurring unnecessary overhead costs. With over two decades of experience spanning various industry sectors, our legal advice encompasses all facets of data usage and protection.

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