Practice Areas

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Data Privacy and Digital Law Compliance

Enhance global privacy and digital law compliance with Wittmann Legal Services. We provide legal advice and consulting services on all matters involving US - EU digital and privacy laws to include the CCPA, GDPR, the UK DPA 2018, the Digital Services Act, the Data Act, and the AI Act. Explore our Data Privacy and Digitial Law Compliance Services for comprehensive solutions on a global scale.

IT and IP Contract Law

Wittmann Legal Services specializes in the meticulous drafting, legal review, and negotiation of agreements related to Cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, Outsourcing, Software licensing - including open-source software

Representative Services

Wittmann Legal Services offers global company compliance with tailored Representative Services pursuant to Article 27 GDPR. Ensure GDPR compliance and navigate international data protection laws. Free consultation for trustworthy, cost-effective expertise.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

Wittmann Legal Services offers external Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services to ensure GDPR compliance, offering guidance, conducting audits, and providing unbiased perspectives to address compliance gaps promptly and minimize risks for your company.

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