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Wittmann Legal Services emerges as your premier law firm, offering a holistic approach to navigating global privacy, Digital Law Compliance Challenges, AI Governance consultancy, and Contracts involving High Tech.

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Practice Areas

Wittmann Legal Services

Data Privacy and Digital Law Compliance

Enhance global privacy and digital law compliance with Wittmann Legal Services. We provide legal advice and consulting services on all matters involving US - EU digital and privacy laws to include the CCPA, GDPR, the UK DPA 2018, the Digital Services Act, the Data Act, and the AI Act. Explore our Data Privacy and Digitial Law Compliance Services for comprehensive solutions on a global scale.

IT and IP Contract Law

Wittmann Legal Services specializes in the meticulous drafting, legal review, and negotiation of agreements related to Cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, Outsourcing, Software licensing - including open-source software

Representative Services

Wittmann Legal Services offers global company compliance with tailored Representative Services pursuant to Article 27 GDPR. Ensure GDPR compliance and navigate international data protection laws. Free consultation for trustworthy, cost-effective expertise.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

Wittmann Legal Services offers external Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services to ensure GDPR compliance, offering guidance, conducting audits, and providing unbiased perspectives to address compliance gaps promptly and minimize risks for your company.


Global expertise available locally

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Tel: +49 (0) 1520 1983 763

Durasweg 21

81247 Munich, Germany

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Phone: +1 (312) 275-5800

1953 N. Clybourn Ave.

Suite R266

Chicago, IL 60614, USA

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Tel: +39 338 487 4045

Via Lima 7

00198 Rome, Lazio, Italy


In a digital globalized business world companies require expertise that goes beyond national borders. Wittmann Legal Services provides solid foundations in all required areas to aide your company to safety.

Amy Wittmann, Wittman Legal Services

Attorney at Law, actively practicing under Illinois law,

Solicitor of England and Wales, Solicitor or Ireland,

Admitted to the Munich Bar Association (Rechtsanwaltskammer) and authorized to practice German law and the Law of EU Member States

Our Blog

Latest news about Data Protection, GDPR, AI Legislation and more

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The European Data Act and its Consequences for your Company

The European Data Act will be implemented in September 2025 and will affect the use and access of non-personal, user-generated data across all industries. Companies should start preparing now to ensure compliance with the new legislation. Find a comprehensive checklist and key takeaways to help you and your company navigate data access, sharing, and protection requirements.

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Generative AI and the GDPR - a complete guide

A comprehensive guide to companies using generative AI tools to ensure compliance, transparency, and address potential challenges such as bias and security issues as well as processing data under GDPR in relation to generative AI.

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15 guidelines for companies using large language model chatbots

Key recommendations include specifying internal directives, involving data protection officers, securing authentication, refraining from personal data input and output, offering opt-out options, ensuring human involvement in legal decisions, and staying updated on evolving regulations, particularly the EU's upcoming AI Regulation.

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EU vs. US - Comparison on AI legislation

Comparing White House's Executive Order (EO) and the EU's AI Act. Both policies prioritize AI testing, monitoring, and privacy protection but differ in their approach. The EU Act is more comprehensive, risk-based, and regulates high-risk use cases while the US EO is more flexible, sector-specific, and addresses broader political dimensions. It is important to understand both approaches for effective privacy compliance and AI governance programs as businesses navigate overlapping compliance efforts globally.

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