Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

Wittmann Legal Services offers external Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services to ensure GDPR compliance, offering guidance, conducting audits, and providing unbiased perspectives to address compliance gaps promptly and minimize risks for your company.

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Data Protection Officer Services – Outsource your risk to an expert

Data Protection Officer Services – Outsource your risk to an expert: Whether you are required by law to appoint a DPO or not, by highlighting these responsibilities, a DPO can help your organization demonstrate accountability and compliance with your data protection obligations. Certified Expert in OneTrust Data Mapping and Risk Assessment Modules, a global documentation Management System, and decades of experience in global data privacy and data protection Wittmann Legal Services can help.

What we offer:

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Documentation and Record-Keeping

Help you develop and maintain comprehensive documentation of data processing activities, policies, and procedures to demonstrate compliance to regulatory authorities.

Advisory Role

Act as an advisor to the organization's management and employees on matters related to data protection, providing guidance and recommendations. Collaborate with IT and security teams to implement and maintain effective data security measures to safeguard personal data.


We can help you monitor and audit data processing activities to ensure they align with legal requirements and organizational policies. We offer auditing services to demonstrate your compliance.

Employee Training

Provide training and awareness programs for employees to enhance their understanding of data protection regulations and best practices.

Continuous Monitoring

Stay informed about developments in data protection laws and technologies, adjusting policies and procedures accordingly to maintain compliance.

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

Conduct DPIAs for high-risk data processing activities, assessing the impact on data subjects and implementing measures to minimize risks.

Cooperation with Regulatory Authorities

Serve as a point of contact for and cooperate with data protection authorities in the event of inquiries or investigations.

Privacy by Design

Integrate privacy considerations into the development of new processes, systems, and services to promote a "Privacy by Design" approach.

Data Subject Rights Management

Facilitate and manage data subject requests, ensuring timely responses and compliance with individuals' rights, such as access and erasure.

Incident Response and Reporting

Develop and implement procedures for handling and reporting data breaches, including timely communication with regulatory authorities and affected individuals.

Vendor Management

Evaluate and monitor data protection practices of third-party vendors to ensure they meet the organization'''s standards and legal requirements.

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Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

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