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Wittmann Legal Services offers global company compliance with tailored Representative Services pursuant to Article 27 GDPR. Ensure GDPR compliance and navigate international data protection laws. Free consultation for trustworthy, cost-effective expertise.

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The role of an Article 27 GDPR Representative Service involves acting as a designated representative for organizations that process personal data of individuals in the European Union (EU) but do not have a physical presence in the EU. Here are the key responsibilities:

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Legal Representation

Serve as the legal representative of non-EU organizations under Article 27 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Contact Point

Act as the primary contact point for data protection authorities and individuals in the EU regarding data protection matters on behalf of the represented organization.

Communication with Supervisory Authorities

Facilitate communication and cooperation with relevant EU data protection supervisory authorities on behalf of the non-EU organization.

Handling Data Subject Requests

Receive and manage data subject requests related to the processing of personal data by the represented organization, ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements.


Maintain records of data processing activities on behalf of the non-EU organization, as required by the GDPR.

Incident Notification

Assist in the notification of data breaches to the appropriate EU supervisory authority and, if necessary, to affected data subjects.

Cooperation with EU Representatives

Collaborate with the non-EU organization's data protection officer (if appointed) and other relevant parties to ensure cohesive data protection practices.

Monitoring Compliance

Monitor the organization's compliance with GDPR requirements, including privacy policies, data protection impact assessments, and other relevant obligations.

Facilitation of Legal Proceedings

Serve as the point of contact for legal proceedings related to data protection matters, ensuring that the non-EU organization complies with legal requirements.

Support in Audits and Inspections

Provide support and assistance in the event of audits or inspections by EU data protection authorities.

Advisory Role

Offer guidance and advice to the non-EU organization on GDPR compliance and best practices to ensure alignment with EU data protection laws.

Representation Across EU Member States

If the organization processes data in multiple EU member states, the representative service may need to establish a network of representatives to comply with individual member state requirements.

By fulfilling these responsibilities, an Article 27 GDPR Representative Service helps non-EU organizations navigate the complexities of the GDPR and meet their obligations concerning the protection of personal data of EU residents.

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