IT and IP Contract Law

Wittmann Legal Services specializes in the meticulous drafting, legal review, and negotiation of agreements related to Cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, Outsourcing, Software licensing - including open-source software

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With extensive experience in both US and Common Law jurisdictions, as well as in the national and international laws of EEA member states, we are uniquely positioned to support your business across multiple jurisdictions. Our aim is to empower your business to achieve its objectives with efficiency and precision.


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IT and IP Contract Drafting

Tailored contracts for IT services, software development, and intellectual property transactions. Wittmann Legal Services ensures clarity and legal precision in every aspect of the contract, protecting your interests and fostering trust among stakeholders.

Legal Review and Analysis

We Conduct thorough legal reviews of existing IT and IP contracts. Identify potential risks, loopholes, or areas for improvement, providing detailed analysis and actionable recommendations.

Negotiation Support

We Offer expert guidance and support during contract negotiations. Work collaboratively to secure favorable terms, balancing legal compliance and the commercial interests of your tech ventures.

Global Contracts for Cloud Services

Navigate the complexities of global cloud services agreements. Ensure compliance with international data protection laws and address jurisdiction- specific considerations.

Contracts Involving Open Source Software

Provide legal counsel on the use, distribution, and modification of open source software. Draft agreements that align with open source licensing models, mitigating legal risks associated with these technologies.

IoT, AI, and Data Sharing Agreements

Develop specialized contracts for Internet of Things (IoT) projects, addressing connectivity, data security, and privacy concerns. Craft agreements for AI development and deployment, ensuring ethical use and compliance with relevant regulations. Facilitate secure data-sharing arrangements, prioritizing privacy and legal compliance.

M&A Technology Transfer Agreements

Support technology-driven mergers and acquisitions (M&A) with comprehensive legal services. Draft and review technology transfer agreements to facilitate seamless integration of intellectual property and tech assets.

IT Outsourcing Projects

Assist in structuring and negotiating IT outsourcing agreements. Address contractual terms, service levels, intellectual property rights, and data protection considerations for successful outsourcing projects.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with relevant IT and IP laws, data protection regulations, and industry-specific standards. Stay abreast of legal developments to adapt contracts accordingly and minimize legal risks.

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IT and IP Contract Law

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What are the risks involved with Cloud Services?

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Legal Considerations in Cross-Border High-Tech Contracts

Cross-border high-tech contracts involve parties from different countries, introducing legal complexities and potential risks. Here's a breakdown of crucial legal considerations when negotiating and executing such contracts:

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